When does a menu button hurt responsive navigation?

Could the menu button actually hurt usability? 2 weeks after launching one of our coolest responsive websites we couldn’t resist getting under the hood to see if we could tweak out a bit of extra performance.  A conversation with our client tipped us off to the fact that we may have an unexpectedly large number of desktop users at 1024 x 768 screen resolution. We took a critical look at our users screen resolution and device to determine the best course of action for the responsive navigation... Continue Reading

Content Royalty

At #Dsum14 there has been a lot of talk about content.  A common theme has arisen and that is one of royalty. For starters Brent Herd from Twitter mentioned that Content is King and Distribution is Queen. Then Adam Naide mentioned that Context is the Emperor. Before we end the day we heard from Jamie Sims that the Story reigns Supreme. It turns out they are all right. This is exactly how we ought to think of our content.  As we develop as an industry we have slowly moved up the hierarchy seeking... Continue Reading


Teams are the subject of a lot of conversation at Red Clay these days. We talk about our org chart in light of its affect on our teams. We evaluate project management software and methodologies based its affect on our team. We discuss our client relationships and how we can form a tighter team with our clients. We attribute our success to teamwork and forming high performance teams and teamwork methodologies.

Google Campaign URL Tracking

Interactive campaigns without tracking is like driving in the rain without windshield wipers. Not being able to see clearly how a campaign is performing means making decisions without all the information. Tracking display ads, advertorials, online press releases and just about anything else with a URL only takes a couple of steps. Remember, if the tracking isn’t put in place ahead of time there is almost no way to add it later – and even if you can add it later you will never be able to get the tracking data for the visits that have already occurred.

The Art of Website Content Writing

Website content writing need not be intimidating. SEOs of times past have complicated writing for the web with keyword density, proximity calculations, and automated content generation machines. Many of these ideas about website content writing persist today. In the next few paragraphs I will work through a few considerations when writing content for the web. Beyond these loose guidelines, which focus more or readability and communicating a clear message than technical SEO principles, allow your message to be your guide. Avoiding SEO formulas will help to future-proof your content against the movement away from keyword search toward semantic search.

Google’s Hummingbird Update

Yesterday, Google announced an algorithm update dubbed “Hummingbird”.  Its purpose is to help deliver better search results to users.  We want to keep our customers informed, so we have some answers below What is it? Google uses a myriad of factors to deliver search results.  Freshness, quality of content, location, keywords – these all make up a part of what Google considers when it delivers back results.  Hummingbird equips Google to better answer complex questions,... Continue Reading

Google Context Keyword Snooping

One of the trickiest parts of Keyword research is trying to get an idea of what keywords Google associates together based on context to make sure that the keywords you select are relevant to the overall theme you are working to gain authority for. Our team discovered a sneaky little trick to get a bit of insight on what keywords Google connects in its understanding of language and context as it applies to keywords. The below screenshot is a google search of the term “Atlanta Web Design”.... Continue Reading

7 Steps to Create A Social Marketing Strategy

How can your business connect with customers through social media? Sometimes this question can be hard for business owners to answer. Social media requires an investment of time and money, but having an effective social strategy can help generate sales and therefore increase profit for your business.

The Math Doesn’t Add Up: The Case Against Killing PPC for Organic SEO

Google AdWords recently released a study focusing on the effect mobile PPC ads have on overall click rate for a company.  The study, which looked at 327 AdWords accounts across 12 vertical markets, found that 88% of consumers who clicked on a mobile search ad for a company would not have clicked on the company’s organic search listing if the search ad wasn’t there.  Put another way, if Company X has 100 organic clicks per month and 100 PPC clicks per month for a total of 200 clicks... Continue Reading